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Bugapedia is the most detailed compilation of bugs from Worms 3D.

Bugs can be experienced both in Wormnet servers and during gameplay, being the latter the most common ones.

Server Bugs

Bugs that occur in the Wormnet Lobby or inside a host room.

Game Bugs

Bugs that take place during online gameplay. These bugs are classified according to the situation in which they appear.

Visual Bugs

Bugs that cause just a visual abnormality, without affecting the gameplay.

Rope Bugs

Bugs that occur while using Ninjarope, or as a consequence of using it.

  • Rocketworm
  • Rodeo Bug
  • Copperfield Trick
  • Trembling Worm
  • Extra-speed
  • Frog Jump
  • Sticky Ropewire
  • Wallwalker

Weapon Bugs

Bugs related to the utilization of a weapon.

  • Shotgun glitch

Movement Bugs

Bugs that cause problems in the movement of a worm.

  • Underground Bug
  • Suffering Worm
  • Sticky Head
  • Surfing Worm

Crashing Bugs

Bugs that cause the online game to crash or makes it impossible to continue.

  • Waterbug
  • Spawnbug
  • Randombug
  • Mapbug
  • Crash
  • Countdown Over
  • Eternal
  • Splash & Crash

Other Bugs

  • .exe Crash
  • Gameover Bug