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Rocketworm is a Rope Bug which has evolved within time into a technique in Ninjarope's mastery. It causes the worm to make an incredibly powerful bounce when roping against a solid surface, without injuring the worm.

Rocketworms have a wide range of intensity and can be performed vertically, horizontally or even diagonally. They're used mainly to impress another players. Nevertheless, a well-performed Rocketworm can be really useful to reach higher or distant platforms.

How to make it

One of the main characteristics of the Rocketworm is that it's really hard to perform. Firstly, performing a Rocketworm requires more than a good level in Ninjarope's management. Besides, it requires a lot of practice and nice reflexes.

The main steps to make a Rocketworm are the following:

  1. Shoot the Ninjarope against a wall (if you want to make a horizontal Rocketworm) or against the floor (if you're up to make a vertical one).
  2. Start bouncing against the surface constantly, to increase the speed of the worm.
  3. When you've got a good speed, left click the mouse to release the worm in the very precise moment when the worm touches the surface.

Trick: The longer the rope wire is when you click to release the worm, the more powerful the Rocketworm will be.