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ToolsPack v 2.0

Edit Tools for game Worms3D


For creating own map need have next tools:

  • W3DMapEditor v.2.4 - Map editor, more info Making own map
  • W3DLauncher v.4.420 - Loader for load map list and tweaks (include in PNM).
  • W3DIconEdit v.1.0 - Making icons for maps.
  • ScriptsEdit v.1.4 - Making Map List and add in List.

For other resource next tools:

  • XomView v.2.9 - View and Edit worms xom-resource (HUD/Textures/3DModels).
  • W3DLanguageEditor v2.0 - Edit language file of game.

All of this collected in one pack!!!

Link on ToolPack v.2.0